Saturday, 30 June 2007

Hovel in the hills!

Looking down on Moel Siabod
The well kept out buildings.

This charming cottage and outbuildings with magnificent views could tell us all some stories. The outbuildings are still in use and are in better repair than the house...the facia board above the door is in cut slate i've not seen this before..This cottage looks out over moel hiraethog to the front and the snowdonia to the rear .. and yes i was trespassing....worth it though.

If any of you ever read "The hovel in the hill's" by elizabeth west, this house is a neighbour of "Hafods".

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Des res with outbuildings and views..

This picturesque cottage in an enviable location, over looking the snowdonia range and the dinbych moors behind... It's fab and always been empty as far as i remember..That wonderful barn has got the biggest rock wired to hold the roof down [on the right]....

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Will i be saved or will nature reclaim me??

What is it about neglected abandoned homes that brings out the romantic in me? I could sit there for hours imagining the builder first of all and then the family that moved in, the births the deaths, the laughter the tears the struggle of just living day to day.

This old farm house on the side of bodran still had the barn and staircase and roof when i first saw it 20yrs ago, i don't know why it was abandoned but the owners residents on a nearby farm have done nothing to stop the decay if anything they've encouraged it..and have refused numerous offers for you read these blogs you'll notice just how mad! folk like them make me.